Wreck-It Ralph

13 May

Wreck-It Ralph

Version: 1.6
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What games make up Wreck-It Ralph?
Wreck-It Ralph boasts five different casual games. It feels like the kind of games compendium that was popular in video games of the late 80s and early 90s. The games are as follows:

Fix-It Felix Jr – A reworking of the original retro game of the 1980s. In itself Fix-It Felix was a glorified copy of games like Donkey Kong. You control Felix, who must jump from platform to platform, repairing parts of the building that Wreck-It Ralph has destroyed. All the while you need to avoid the crates being thrown down at you by Ralph.

Sugar Rush Sweet Climber – A slushy remake of Doodle Jump in which you must collect candys by bouncing from plant to plant in a strange sugary world. The game stars Wreck-It Ralph as the main character and there are lots of power-ups to enjoy, although little innovation in terms of the game format.

Hero’s Duty – A top-down shooting game in which you must blast the hoards of strange glowing birds which are trying to attack you. Armed with only a gun you must move quickly and spin through 360 degrees to wipe out all the enemies, without draining your health bar. Weapons can be upgraded by unlocking the power-ups.

Turbotime – A very simple, yet addictive, racing game in which you compete against three other karts over a series of tracks. The object of this top-down racer is to get around each circuit first, using speed boosts and collecting coins along the way.

Hero’s Duty Flight Command – An endless scrolling shooter where you take control of a space ship and must blast objects and enemies that get in your way.

All of these mini-games are fun in their own way and provide a distraction for a while. However, there’s precious little in the way of original gameplay ideas in any of them.
Taking control
The controls in the five games that make up Wreck-It Ralph are pretty straightforward. Each game features its own control system, rather than utilizing a generic on-screen joypad for all.

Fix-It Felix Jr relies on a directional pad and action button combo; in Sweet Climber you simply swipe from side to side to hit the platforms and spring up; Hero’s Duty uses separate joysticks for movement and rotation (which is fiddly to say the least); Turbotime gives you a choice of arrow buttons or a steering wheel for turning; and Hero’s Duty Flight Command employs a very simple move and shoot mechanism.
Back to the old school
Wreck-It Ralph is strange in a sense because the look of the mini games don’t really share the same style. Fix-It Felix Jr, for example, goes for a strictly retro 80s look, while Sweet Climber and Hero’s Duty adopt the modern look of today’s mobile games. Turbotime is neither one nor the other. It feels like a retro game, but it’s actually just that the graphics are very basic.
The verdict
Wreck-It Ralph is a real mishmash of different games. The five titles you can choose from are fun to play in their own right, and yet none of them will blow you away with anything particularly new or exciting.



12 May


Version: 1.1
For Download

Since Flappy Bird was suddenly pulled from the app stores, plenty of other apps have emerged to fill the void. Ironpants is the most popular out of this group, but is this game a contender with wings or a pretender that hopelessly crashes?
Leggings would only hold him down
In Ironpants, you control a superhero who must endlessly fly between wooden boxes. It doesn’t take long to see the difficultly of the game and it’s likely to be awhile before you can fly between 3 crates. The game soared to the top of the app charts riding on the success of the megapopular Flappy Bird, which has brought back the endless tap-to-avoid genre into the spotlight.

If Flappy Bird was Coca-Cola, then Ironpants would definitely be supermarket brand cola. What made Flappy Bird successful was the careful mix of different elements that made for a hyper-addictive gaming experience: there weren’t many obstructive ads, cute graphics, there was hardly any wait times between games, there were no unnecessary frills and features, and there was the right balance of easy controls and a high difficulty. Unfortunately, Ironpants is missing a few key ingredients: there are large ads between games and the controls don’t feel completely intuitive. This prevents Ironpants from achieving the frustratingly enjoyable and highly addictive experience that Flappy Bird delivered.

Ironpants doesn’t offer much else other than playing and keeping a high score, however there is also an option to tweet your score.
Boxes: the wooden Kryptonite
Like Flappy Bird, Ironpants is all about timing. Pressing your finger on the screen will cause Ironpants to fly higher, while letting go causes him to drop. The controls are more or less an inverted and simplified version of (the far better) Small Fry.

Although the controls might sound easy, they are definitely more difficult than Flappy Bird and will take some getting used to due to the high speed that Ironpants flies at. It’s also difficult to guage how high Ironpants will fly. You’re best bet for flying far with Ironpants is to rhythmically tap the screen so he can keep level.
Lookin’ good, Ironpants
The graphics in Ironpants are colorful and an obvious nod to early 8-bit console games. There isn’t much to the sound: it consists of a smack sound when Ironpants crashes and a “zing” sound each time the crates are passed.
Copy and waste
Ironpants shamelessly attempts to take off where Flappy Bird left, but falls short by improving on nothing from its source material and, in some cases, doing some things worse.



10 May


Version: 1.2.1
For Download

Runbot, like most endless runners, has a simple concept: run for as long as possible without hitting any obstacles.

What separates Runbot from its contemporaries, is that it periodically mixes up gameplay by switching from the swipe-controlled running to tilt-controlled flying.

The graphics and sound are excellent and there are plenty of upgrades and skins to choose from to customize your bot.

The controls are sometimes unresponsive, but it’s still a great choice for fans of endless runners.
Clicking download will bring you to the iTunes App store, from where you can download and install the game.


Super Stickman Golf 2

09 May

Super Stickman Golf 2

Version: 2.2
For Download

Super Stickman Golf 2 is a followup to Super Stickman Golf, the highly popular and well-received arcade game. Like its predecessor, you control a stick person competing goofy, yet challenging courses. Experience is earned from both single player and multiplayer games which can be used to unlock later courses. There is also cash throughout the levels which can be collected and used to buy upgrades or outfits for your stick person.

To keep things fresh, the game has a wide variety of level types. Aside from the standard fare of sand traps, ponds, and the rough, the game offers levels involving sticky walls, buzzsaws, and acid pits. This adds all sorts of strategy to the game and prevents it from going stale.

There are three different ways to play multiplayer: Hotseat where the device is physically passed to each player, online head-to-head which can be played locally via wifi or on their servers, and Race mode. Race mode is by far the most interesting and fun game type in Super Stickman Golf 2: Up to four golfers play against one another where the goal is to sink the shot as fast as possible. Players are not penalized for the number of strokes they take or missed shots. This provides a significant and fun change to a game based on a sport that requires lots of patience.

How to Play
The controls for the game are very simple: use the left and right button to lineup the angle of your shot, then tap the “go!” button to start the power meter of your swing and tap it again to launch the ball. You can let the power meter bob back and forth until you are ready to take your shot. Zooming in and out can be done through pinching and stretching the screen.

These controls are easy to master which saves you time and frustration to focus on strategy.

How it looks
The graphics for the game are simple and 2D but nicely implemented. Colors pop off the screen and, despite the game revolving around stick people, they look high-quality and not sloppily put together. Super Stickman Golf 2 sports an 8bit chiptune soundtrack which is pleasant to listen to during gameplay. The sound effects are spot on with the “whoosh” of a stroke and the satisfying sound of a ball going into a hole after a difficult course.


Simpsons Arcade

08 May

Simpsons Arcade

Version: 1.0.0
For Download

Remember the classic Simpsons arcade game from the 90s? Well, now you can recreate the magic on your iPhone thanks to Simpsons Arcade.

The game sees you take control of Homer on a mission to save the city from an evil plan hatched by Mr Burns and Smithers. Driven by the lure of a donut, which contains a USB stick with the plans on it, Homer must take the baddies in this fun side-scrolling beat ‘em up.

The controls in Simpsons Arcade are based around an on-screen joystick and two action buttons. By combining button and joystick combos you can pull off special moves to annihilate the CIA agents, bosses and other enemies. There are plenty of power-ups to be collected including the ability to summon other members of the Simpsons to help you take care of business. Simpsons Arcade is great fun to play and the game is loaded with gags and show references that make it a must for all fans. There are plenty of mini-games and bonus levels to keep the action from getting boring.

The graphics in Simpsons Arcade are even better than the classic version, and the music and sound effects are great fun too. The cut scenes are so well executed that at times it feels like you’re actually watching an episode of the Simpsons.

There were a couple of things that spoiled Simpsons Arcade a bit for me. The first is that you can only play as Homer rather than being able to select a character from the whole family like in the original arcade game. The other downside is that using the on-screen joystick in Simpsons Arcade often obscures your view of Homer. Also, there’s no pause option, which gets annoying sometimes.

Fun gameplay and gorgeous graphics make Simpsons Arcade a must for any fan of America’s favorite family.


Chasing Yello

07 May

Chasing Yello

Version: 1.0.4
For Download

Chasing Yello is an arcade game for iOS where you play as the goldfish, Yello, and try to escape your brat of an owner, Mathilda.

Players are greeted by the grating voice of Mathilda, the antagonist in Chasing Yello. Play as Yello and maneuver around obstacle riddled environments. Use your iOS device’s accelerometer to steer left/right and swipe up and down to jump and dive respectively.

This is a free-to-play game so if you’re anticipating in-game currency for real money, you’d be right. Chasing Yello uses ‘stars’ as currency and you can collect them within the levels or pay real money for stars. You can then use stars to purchase power ups like jetpacks and shields to use in game.

Levels in Chasing Yello become increasingly difficult and helps keep the gameplay challenging. You can challenge your friends playing Chasing Yello to beat your high score, though seasoned players will have an advantage if they purchase more power ups.

Although Chasing Yello doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it remains a fun and challenging arcade game that thankfully doesn’t nag you to buy credits.

Recent changes
Always wanted to shut Mathilda up? You can now mute the little brat!
As soon as you purchase any IAP item, all advertising popups are now removed forever!
Added an indicator to show players that they have already completed all ranks after reset
Fixed a rare issue appearing when Yello is caught in Mathilda’s net
“Continue” button deactivated when no game has been played yet
Game Center integration has been optimized
Fixed some issues related to social media postings
Fixed an issue that caused the game not to continue properly when returning from sleep mode or multitasking
Added information on how many stars are missing if the player tries to purchase an item in the shop without having enough stars


Polar Bowler

06 May

Polar Bowler

Version: 1.1.0
For Download

Polar Bowler is a quirky casual game in which you must fire a polar bear in an tire from a slingshot in order to knock down pins.

You pull back the slingshot then release the bear, controlling him using left and right arrow buttons to bash the pins that scatter each maze-like level. There are tons of power-ups and special tires that can help you pass levels. These can either be won in the game or purchased apart.

Polar Bowler is fun for a while, but it only has limited appeal.
Clicking the Download link will take you to a page on the App Store, from where you can purchase and install the game.


Motocross Meltdown

05 May

Motocross Meltdown

Version: 1.0.0
For Download

Rev your engines!
Motocross Meltdown throws you in the middle of an motocross event similar to the X Games. Your biker competes in a variety of different game types that include racing, stunts, and high jumps. However, the actual gameplay is a nearly identical experience across every game type. The graphics and sound change but the controls revolve around tapping one button at the correct time making it a fairly monotonous experience.

Each race/event pits you against another biker and the winner is determined by who finishes with a higher score. In order to participate, you must have enough gas to compete which replenishes over time or can be refilled through inapp purchases. Each event in Motocross Meltdown uses up a considerable amount of gas and you’ll find yourself waiting for it to recharge. This is especially irritating as each event only lasts 5-20 seconds.

Strategy in Motocross Meltdown is derived from determining on what type of upgrades to use on your bike. Upgrades can be bought with cash won from events and put towards items to modify parts of your bike such as the engine, wheels, and the exhaust. There is a large selection of cosmetic upgrades to change the style of your racer’s helmet, outfit, and bike.

There is also a multiplayer feature that allows you to compete against other players online.
Easier than riding a bike
As mentioned above, Motocross Meltdown has very simple controls: simply tap on the screen at the correct moment. It’s similar to rhythm-based music games such as Dance Dance Revolution or Rock Band, but even easier to play as there is only one button.
Points for style
Plenty of work has been put into the graphics into Motocross Meltdown and it’s easily the best part of the game. Players look realistic and it even features advertising from popular extreme sports brands such as Osiris and Red Bull. Not only does Motocross Meltdown have excellent graphics, the sound adds a dimension of reality to the arena atmosphere. The crowd roars as you pull off tricks, the sound of your bike’s engine screams, and high-energy guitar riffs play when you win a match.
Flashy, but not much else
Although Motocross Meltdown is pleasing to look at, it ultimately becomes dull quickly because of overly simplistic controls, wait times and the necessity for inapp purchases.


Monkey Flight

03 May

Monkey Flight

Version: 1.50
For Download

Monkeys are funny at the best of RS 3 Gold times, but this iPhone game makes them even more hilarious.

The object of Monkey Flight is to collect as much fruit as you can by catapulting monkeys through the sky to grab it. Once airborne, the monkeys can bounce off of elephants and clouds, and even fart to gain altitude. Land on a rock or a pool of mud and it’ll be game over for your monkey, though.

There are three different game modes in Monkey Flight. The first, Arcade Play, challenges you to beat the high score table with three turns. Lite Play sees you try to beat your high score with just one monkey. Personally, I prefer Challenges, though. This is set over a series of levels whereby you need to attain a certain score to pass to the next.

Monkey Flight is great fun to play, thanks to the cheerful cartoon graphics, amusing sound effects and, of course, the gameplay. The only thing about Monkey Flight is that it often feels like you don’t have much control over it. In effect, all you do is aim and fire your monkey, make him fart a couple of times, then the rest is down to luck.

It’s not the most in-depth game ever, but Monkey Flight is addictive, fun, and very silly.

Recent changes
20 new levels
Retina/HD support
Universal App (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch support)
Game Center support

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Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D

02 May

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D

Version: 2.0.01
For Download

Whoever said the property world is no fun obviously hasn’t tried Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D.

This skyscraper construction game tests RuneScape 3 GP your balancing skills as you try to build the biggest towers you can. You do this simply by tapping the screen to drop a block that’s hanging from a crane. You’ll need to drop this block as close to the center of the top level of the building underneath to keep your tower as straight as possible, or you’ll end up in all sorts of trouble as the whole structure swings from side to side the more unbalanced it becomes.

This free version of Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D consists of three different game modes, all based around this same concept. In the first, ‘Build City’ mode you need to create your own virtual city using different types of building blocks to make different styles of towers. The bigger the towers are that you build, the higher the population your city will be.

‘Quick Game’ is the second game option in Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D, where the object is just to build a 50-story apartment block that reaches Space. The other game mode is the insanely fun ‘Party Game’, where you race a friend in split-screen mode to see who can build the highest tower in the quickest time.

Perhaps the only downside to Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D is that it might get a little too repetitive.

However, thanks to its captivating graphics, dreamy music and diverse game modes, the novelty still hasn’t worn off for me.